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Solar Storage

Disaster Management / What is Storage?

Solar Storage is a valuable part to your solar energy systems. Solar Storage stores the energy that is not being used, allowing grid-free access to energy when there is no sunlight. So on a cloudy day when your solar system is unable to produce energy efficiently, or at all, you still have a solar storage system to pull energy from without having to take energy from the grid. This product gives you the power to be total clean energy independent.
Solar Storage System

Grid Tied Inverter

The majority of, and nearly all entry level solar systems are Grid Tied systems only. Their sole purpose is to generate excess power while the sun shines and mitigate your utility bill. Unfortunately as a safety feature they do not provide power during an outage. You are simply buying equipment to generate your own power instead of renting it. It’s the same logic you use purchasing a home instead of living in an apartment. There is never a return on investment or tax incentive realized by paying your monthly utility bill, there is a return with solar.

Disaster Management Options

Our Utility Grid is incredible and sufficient to most PV customer’s needs. It’s reliable and seldom goes down for long periods of time. But we do live with the threat of weather leaving us stranded for days or weeks. If you want to be comfortable during the next hurricane, then you need to have a place to store the energy that your rooftop produces. Store excess energy directly from the grid, or purchase a standby generator, or some combination of these abilities.


While a standby generator can be worth its weight in gold during a prolonged outage it does not provide the benefits of reducing your utility bill each and every month (paying for itself over time). The generator just sits there waiting on an event to occur. If we are lucky it will be another 30 years before the Panhandle takes another direct hit.

Battery Inverter System

A battery Inverter can be stand alone or grid interactive. Their primary function is to keep a dedicated load online. It’s batteries can be recharged by day with PV(solar) or at any time by Grid or backup generator. Peak demand limits can be set where the large in rush currents from major appliances are seen when Well Pumps and Air Conditioners start can be drawn off of the batteries first instead of the Utility saving you money with each cycle. Battery Inverter Systems can become very intricate. We have provided a few basic kit style systems here and can customize anything to fit your needs. Costs are usually the limiting factor in these types of systems so a little forethought like identifying what things you care about the most during a prolonged outage will help our sales staff guide you along the path to self-sufficiency and lessen any sticker shock.

Battery Bank

There are many types and sizes batteries to choose from. They are rated in Amp Hours at different discharge rates. Think of your battery bank as a bucket or barrel of stored water. How long the water lasts will depend not only on much you have but how quickly you pour the water out of it. Therefore, how much power you need and how quickly you intend to use it will determine what investment you need to make. Planning for three days of draw down with limited sunlight for recharging is one approach to sizing your storage system and can result in a large battery bank. Another approach is to pair a smaller battery bank with a backup generator, the batteries only need to take care of the load until the generator comes online. Some battery inverters have an option to start your generator automatically. One configuration may require more of an investment in batteries and maintenance while the other approach may leave you watching your fuel supply and listening to the dulcet tones of an internal combustion engine during a long outage. Let our sales staff help you with the approach that best achieves your goals.

Adding PV (Solar panels)

Adding PV panels to a grid interactive battery system provides many added benefits. The power you generate each day can be self-consumed on site or sold back to the Utility paying for the entire system over the 99.999% of the time we lead a normal life, relying on the stability of our utilities.
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