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Photovoltaic Panels


Our Solar Panels

At Independent Green Technologies we offer quality solar panels and the ability to mount them on both the rooftop of a building and the ground.

Rooftop Solar Arrays

If you are looking for a Solar Energy System for your home or business, Rooftop-mounted Sola Systems are typically the most cost efficient option. They are placed directly on an existing structure and convert the sun's massive energy into power for your home or business.

Rooftop Solar Panels can be installed on nearly any roof. We have approved fastening systems for steep or flat roofs, shingled, metal, tile and membrane. They are engineered to withstand all types of weather.
Solar PV Panels Solar Installation Solar Barn
For maximum efficiency, the roof that the solar panels are being placed on should face either South or West and have an unobstructed view of the sun.

Let us put your building in the shade while we reduce your Utility bill.

Ground-Mounted Solar Array

If for some reason you are unable to, or do not wish to have solar panels on your roof, your desire for clean and efficient energy is still achievable. At Independent Green Technologies, we offer elegant ground-mounted Solar Systems with all the benefits of our rooftop-arrays.

Perhaps you need a larger area than your roof allows, you have too much shade, or you simply do not what to place solar panels on your roof, then Ground-mount solar panels are the solution to your problem. Braced to meet up to 150mph coastal wind loads our Ground Arrays are anchored and stable in extreme weather.

Purpose Built Solar Structures

If we need to build a structure to support an array we love to build something that serves more than one purpose.
  • Single sloped agricultural pole barns hold an array just as well as any other roof top or ground mount and provide you with endless uses.
  • Covered commercial parking structures provide your customers and employees with shelter from Florida’s rain and heat, while also generating power for your business.
  • Commercial parking decks, look up & add Ga Tech start up in this area.
  • Purpose Structure
  • Trellaces, pool enclosures, and entry ways can be built utilizing transparent bi-directional PV Modules for an elegant and functional way to reduce utility bills.
  • Lets talk about your options, contact us today!