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The Return Of Green Home Building

Published on August 4th, 2014

In previous articles we discussed a few recent innovations in solar technology, examples like using solar panels on park benches to power cell phones, and the usage of solar panels on roadways.

There has been a fantastic spark in interest of using solar panels in unique ways, but the initial foundation of solar panels has always been to free everyday people from relying on the grid to power their homes. The nearly unlimited source of energy created from our sun could sustain every home in the world for countless years.

We’ve covered an article a few months ago on CETC about Germany ranking among top countries where residents use solar panels to power their homes.

The reason there has not been such a steadfast movement in our country has to do with a few factors.

Just like all innovative technology, in the infancy of its release to the public, the demand is lower as consumers are still learning about the product. Once the awareness increases, the demand follows, and the price of the technology drops over time. Do you remember how expensive laptops were in early 2000?

The cost of solar panels is dropping every year, and there is also help from the government to boost awareness and lower the cost of purchasing and installing solar panels for homes through a federal tax credit.

Additionally, because of our recent recession, home builders and homebuyers wanted to spend as little as possible. With the improvement of the economy, and the advancement of solar technology, solar panels and solar panel installation for homes have become more affordable for home builders who want to sell new homes that are equipped with solar panels, and residents who want to add it to their current home.

Green Solar Home

So why the return of interest in green home building? Why now?

Going green has always been something on the mind of both homeowners and home builders, and over the years materials have become more affordable. Increasing energy-costs and changes in building codes have galvanized owners to search for sustainable solutions to “green” their homes.


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