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Massachusetts Introduces New Community-Shared Solar Facility

Posted on: September 10th, 2014 No Comments

Massachusetts recently introduced an exciting opportunity for people to be able to purchase solar power from a new community-shared solar facility.

The 1 megawatt facility located in Rehoboth, Mass. is now open to all ratepayers in the NGRID territory.

Massachusetts NGRID Territory

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This is one of the latest innovative solar projects, because it will allow even renters and residents who live in shaded areas to benefit from solar energy. This type of solar model gives residents and business owners the opportunity to benefit from solar through the community-shared array.

They won’t have to install stand-alone systems at their homes or business locations. The solar facility is placed at an optimal location where it can absorb the most amount of energy, and be able to send it over to owners who are miles away.

It will be maintained to operate at peak efficiency, providing clean and dependable power for decades to come.

These community-shared solar customers also get to benefit from the same rebates and incentives as residential system owners. Credit for the power produced from the solar panels also appears directly on the owners’ monthly utility bills.

Many key players in Massachusetts renewable energy arena joined Clean Energy Collective (CEC) founder Paul Spencer to celebrate the grand opening of the solar facility on August 25th.

Clean Energy Collective

This solar project is a big step forward, and a great example of future creative ways communities can produce and consume clean energy.

Using the nearly unlimited power of the sun, we can harness clean energy to use for most of our current and future needs, and store extra power for nights, cloudy days and potential disasters.

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