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New Multi-Usage Solar Power Cubes

Published on September 11th, 2014

When disaster strikes, relief teams tend to face the same problems: no power and a breakdown of the infrastructure. One newcomer on the scene, Ecosphere Technologies, wants to solve those problems with their new Ecos PowerCube. This solar power cube is designed to deliver solar power, purify water, and serve as a WiFi base station, all in one container.

Details On This Multi-Use Container

Solar Power Cube Example

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This power cube certainly isn’t small in size though. It’s designed to be transported in either a 10, 20, or 40-foot shipping container and the largest of these containers can provide up to 15Kw of power. The majority of the energy the cube generates will power either wireless communications or water treatment.

Solar Power Cubes During Disasters

The entire design of the cube system is to provide as much flexibility as possible. It can support the goals of a variety of missions from hospitals and aid stations, to providing safe drinking water or internet access for remote locations. This system is an amazing new technological development, and it certainly has potential.

Are There Any Potential Drawbacks?

While this system has the potential to offer huge advantages, there are still some areas to resolve. One of the downsides to the power cube is that batteries are not included. For disaster areas where time is essential, the window to treat and rescue people is typically less than three days.

Aid workers in these areas will need power generation around the clock but so far, this cube can only provide power when the sun in shining. It’s still a useful system, but may not be as beneficial as it seems at first.

Additionally, the power cube provides a fairly limited amount of energy for its large size. A diesel engine provides up to 1.7MW while the power cube outputs only 15kW. This steep difference means that you would need 20 or more power cubes to provide the same energy as one diesel generator.

The Primary Factors Will Be Needs & Capabilities

For a small area that needs WiFi, water treatment, and independent power generation, this solar power cube may be just the product that you’re looking for.

With disasters happening regularly around the world, having this tool readily available can save lives by providing essential equipment and power. This solar cube offers aid workers and disaster areas new hope and offers readily available resources.

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