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How The Department of Defense Is A Driving Force In Development Of Renewable Energy

Published on May 6th, 2014

The U.S. Department of Defense has been a driving force in the development of renewable energy technology in the country.

The Department of Defense (DOD) has a goal of 25% solar energy reliability by the year 2025. By this date, the DOD pledges to generate 1GW (gigawatt) of renewable energy.

One Gigawatt Can Power 1,000,000 Homes A Year.

There is already evidence of DOD pushing forward with solar renewable energy, in all branches of the U.S. military, both within the country and overseas locations. To move forward with big strides, the DOD is partnering with private corporations for the planning, construction, and operation of these solar projects.

Lets look at some of the strides forward DOD has made, or will make by 2025:

The projects are financed, developed, owned, operated and maintained by the private corporation developers.

DOD agrees to purchase the power generated from these projects, and has the authority to lease land to developers, who then build renewable energy projects and sell the generated power to the grid.

Besides eliminating the dependency of foreign oil sources, the DOD is also dedicated to use solar energy technology to save lives in the battlefield.

How does solar renewable energy help save lives in the battlefield?

A great example is the use of solar blankets.

Solar Blanket

Whereas before soldiers would carry about 14 pounds of non-rechargeable batteries, they can now carry the solar blanket which weighs 9.8 pounds, and includes a PV panel used to recharge the batteries.

The non-rechargeable batteries were only capable of lasting 3 days, whereas the new solar blankets can be recharged, significantly extending the time frame of usage.

DOD is pushing for the mainstreaming of solar renewable energy

The big strides taken by the DOD would take the private sector double the time to push forward with similar ventures. The U.S. military has had a historical influence on technological innovation, and will lead the way for private corporations to help facilitate the move forward.

Recently, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory announced plans to create a space-based solar array that would orbit the Earth. The arrays would capture solar energy from space, and transmit the energy to land-based receivers.

There will be great leaps forward in the solar industry in the coming years. Stay connected with IGT Solar for current solar renewable energy news, and for solar installation services call us at 850-576-7657.

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