Partners - Independent Green Technologies


Independent Green Technologies has partnered with several sustainable companies to provide energy efficiency assessments and services to Tallahassee, North Florida and South Georgia areas. These companies utilize products that are non-toxic to the environment and enable you to obtain incredible, long term gains in energy efficiencies through different methods.

Many of these companies work within the Clean Energy Technology Center (CETC).

CETC Center

Methods Include:

Duct Sealing

TruSeal is a process that seals your air and heating ducts, keeping dust and pollutants out of your home. By doing this you increase the efficiency of your AC unit, therefore lowering your electricity bill and saving you money.

In Addition:

Also, IGT would like to thank Tally Molab for the educational work they do with children. Molab works to assist in creating the next generation of innovation.

For any further information about these companies and their services please call 850-576-7657.