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Our Approach

What We Do
We at IGT Solar are passionate about helping business owners and homeowners alike break free from their lifetime utility bills by utilizing renewable energy solutions.

IGT Solar offers a range of solutions to fit your individual needs. And we are willing and capable of installing any system, no matter how small or large. View our products!

We are also serious about being stewards to the environment, and pride ourselves in the positive impact we have on the people we work with, as well as the planet!

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What Are My Options
The two most common types of solar energy systems are solar thermal and photovoltaic systems. Solar thermal systems heat water for residential and commercial use or are used for swimming pool heating. Both are extremely efficient and have a quick return on investment. Anyone who has picked up a garden hose on a hot summer day can relate to how effectively the sun can heat water.

Photovoltaic (PV) systems convert light energy from the sun into usable electrical power that can be distributed into your home or business and even fed back into the utility grid. PV systems allow us to capture as much light as we want to power as much electrical load as we want, all without burning an ounce of fossil fuels. The three most common types of solar-electric systems are:
Each has distinct application and component needs. We can also create a unique system to fit whatever your solar needs may be.

Your One Stop Shop
Independent Green Technologies (IGT) is your one stop shop for residential, business and government solar energy. We provide energy production and energy conservation assistance in the North Florida and South Georgia regions. IGT designs, permits, installs and commissions solar panel (photovoltaic), solar water heating, solar storage, solar attic fan, and solar swimming pool systems of all sizes.

We can do turn-key systems as large or small as desired. And we can certify and sign off on all the necessary rebate and incentives paperwork. With our relationships to other local green energy experts, we can help you explore the benefits of geothermal systems as well, which is another underutilized renewable energy option.

Why Choose Us?
System Consulting & Design
In an effort to help grow the use of solar and make it more affordable to more people, we have become perhaps the only area solar contractors willing to help those that may want to do it themselves. We can help you design the right system and acquire the ideal equipment for your needs at greatly reduced costs. We offer unlimited sharing of knowledge and advice. We can help you as little or as much as you may need along the way.

Solar energy is a resource we should all be able to benefit from and we are willing to do all that we can to help as many people as possible take advantage of it. We can acquire custom designed or pre-engineered energy solutions equipment to fit any requirement. So if you are a die hard solar fan and a capable “do it yourself-er”, you are in the right place!

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