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3D Printable Solar Panels

Published on October 3rd, 2014

Do you remember the cost of laptops in the late 90’s? Imagine how the growth of the laptop market would have lagged if the cost had remained the same through the years.

Without the advancement of computer technology and gradually lowering the cost of laptops every year, we wouldn’t have been able to open the doors to laptop alternatives like tablets and smartphones.

The same type of advancement is occurring right now in the solar industry. Every year, solar panels are not only able to absorb and retain more solar energy, but the panels themselves are becoming more affordable to manufacture and ship to installation companies like us.

Dr. Scott Watson

Source: Abc.net.au

What if it was possible for you to print solar panels at home using a 3D Printer?

Solar power scientists in Australia are now one step closer to making this possibility a reality, creating an opportunity for a cheap and quick way to print solar cells on plastic.

This innovation probably won’t replace the durable solar panels that you’re accustomed to seeing on residential homes and businesses, but its a great possibility to print mini-size solar panels on bendable plastic, that you can use to charge your electronics.

Scientists from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), and the Melbourne and Monash universities have been working on printing solar cells since 2007. The team is now able to quickly produce solar cells on plastic, using a 3D printer and solar ink.

This innovation creates new possibilities for utilizing the nearly unlimited solar power we can harness from the sun. Just like the progress of the laptop led to innovations like smartphones and tablets, the progress of solar panels will allow amazing uses for solar renewable energy in the near future.

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